After my father passed away, I realized there were many things about him that I did not know. I did not know things, such as his favorite color, who was his childhood best friend, what the story was behind his USN tattoo, and what his favorite story was about me. Many of the questions in the book are those that I have wondered about my father during the past six years since he passed away.

Tell Me So I Know is a fun and interactive way for you to learn about the people that are special to you in your lifeThe book provides a place for you to document the answers as you discuss the questions.  

I was going through this book with my mother, and I asked her the question about movie memories as a child. She told me this amazing story:

She was with her cousin in a movie theatre, when suddenly all the sirens outside screamed, and all the church bells rang. The movie was stopped, and they ran out of the theatre. Mom said that it seemed as if everyone in town had poured out onto the streets. They discovered that Japan had surrendered to end WW II and a massive celebration was under way. The streets were so crowded that the buses could not run. She had to walk several miles to get back home. 

My mothers' answer to this question astounded me. It was great to learn a story that was unknown by my siblings and me. 

I hope this book inspires you to ask someone special, "Tell Me So I Know". 

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